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New Zealand Rock Climbing, Via Ferrata, Abseiling, Mountaineering and Trekking. Guided trips and instructional courses from beginner through to advanced. No experience required. We specialise in safe, fun family adventures.

We operate in some of the most beautiful scenery around Queenstown. Choose an adventure in rock climbing, Via Ferrata (our fixed-rung climbing experience,) abseiling, mountaineering or alpine trekking. No experience is required. 

Rock Climbing Book now

Rock Climbing

Feel the raw adventure and excitement of our guided rock climbing experience for novice through to advanced climbers. Under our professional instruction feel your body and mind work together as you reach new heights.

Via Ferrata Climbing New Zealand Book now

The perfect introduction to climbing if you have not been climbing before. Our Via Ferrata gives you the exposure of a rock climbing experience. Whilst less physically challenging, you still get the buzz of being up high.

Zip Climb Combo Please ring or email us direct to book this product (ring 0800 CLIMBING (New Zealand domestic phones only please) or 64 27 477 9393 (International) or email us at

Zip Climb Combo

“Zip and Climb” combines a Ziptrek Moa or Kea tour with either a Rock Climb, a Via Ferrata Climb or an Alpine Trek allowing you to customize your combo experience whilst also saving money.  Whether a novice or experienced climber, you can feel the buzz and raw adventure that a guided climbing experience allows whilst stepping outside your comfort zone in total security that you’re being taken care of.

Abseiling Book now


An experience not physically demanding but definitely a mentally challenging one. Our abseil trips let you control your decent speed safely to the ground, as you experience the adrenaline rush of descending onto Queenstown’s doorstep.

Mountaineering Book now


We can take you on a privately guided mountaineering trip- all year round. For those wanting a more extreme climbing experience with breathtaking views, our mountaineering trips are most rewarding.

Alpine Trekking Book now

Alpine Trekking

We specialise in alpine trekking ( above the bush line ) so your views are enhanced as you are generally at higher elevations. This will also give you mountain awareness and closeness to this wonderful alpine environment. Expect in-depth interpretation of the alpine environment, and identification of native flora and fauna, however your guides primary focus is your safety and enjoyment.

New Zealand’s Climbing experts offering adventures in Rock Climbing, Via Ferrata, Abseiling, Mountaineering and Hiking, from complete beginner to advanced climbing.

Our Summer 14/15 hours are from 1st Oct 14 until 30th April 15

Our Winter 2015 hours are FROM 1st May 2014 – 30th Sept 2014  

Latest news from Climbing Queenstown

VF in the Snow!

An adventurous group today heading up above the snow line added a whole, new dimension to our VF, not to mention the odd snowball fight!

CQ Climbing Cave!

A bit of wet day fun climbing on dry rock in our exclusive climbing cave. We have climbs in here ranging from grade 12 to 19 and up to 25m in length, providing us with a great option to continue our climbing session, even if a storm hits!

Alpine Trekking high above Queenstown

What an amazing day for Alpine trekking. The guys managed to pick the best day of a changeable week to head up high

A fine day on the mountain

We recently introduced a couple of French guys, Philippe and Julian, to mountaineering on the Remarkables. With them already being competent sport climbers, and mountain bikers, our Guide, Paul, decided to take them on an epic challenging trip. This involved climbing the classic 350m grade 17 route 'DB eh?', followed by the Grand Traverse of Double Cone and Single Cone. It was a true test of their fitness and courage, but both succeeded in the journey with style! Well done lads

Phillipe on the summit of Single Cone

New Abseil venue clean up

Two of our Guides, Neal and Paul, recently headed out for a clean up of a new abseil site, needed for an upcoming event.

The first time this cliff has been abseiled

The 40m high cliff has never been used before, and needed some cleaning of vegetation and big blocks to ensure it's safe use.

This is sure to be an exciting abseil for the event, after the 40m vertical decent, the abseilers will need to perform a river crossing to continue on their journey.